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Thursday, October 11, 2007

In the harbour

Monaco was a great place in the 70's...

Color pencils on A3 paper.  

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Blogger rob ijbema said...

love that image,miha,
and what a race it was!
must take you ages with color pencils...
look forward to brazil this weekend.

3:43 pm

Blogger Miha said...

Thanks Rob nice to see you on the blog.Yes it took ages and i wasn't particulary happy with the outcome if you can bellive...
I we got to learn how to paint, it's much more suiting for this kind of scenes. I hope Hemi wins the championship or at least that Alonso doesn't:):).

5:34 am

Blogger rob ijbema said...

went back to look at this one again...fantatic job miha

10:03 am


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